Aqua Terra Agate Bracelet, 7"

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Wear the rich, jeweled colors of the world around your wrist with these Aqua Terra Agate Beaded Bracelets.

Each bead is unique and has distinct color variations of greens and blues, with patterns swirled within.

Agate by nature soothes the soul, and is a great stone for protection of both body and spirit.

Working at a slow and steady pace, Agate is also useful for providing a gentle sense of inner stability, composure, and self-confidence.


Measuring approximately 7" around, these bracelet are strung on stretch elastic so will fit most wrist sizes.

Looks amazing with multiples stacked together.

Due to the precious nature of gemstones, each bracelet is slightly different from the next, with variations on designs and placement of metal accents.

Every bracelet is adorned with an "Often Wander" charm.

Handmade in San Francisco and San Diego, Ca.

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