Birthday Assorted 6 Pack!


If you have ever had the chance to shop in person at either of our curious... locations you know we LOVE stationery! More like OBSESSED!!! Between the two store we have roughly 12,500 greeting cards! (yeah totally obsessed). While we are in Covid-19 quarantines those cards are sitting all boxed up and need good homes.


SOOOOOOOOOOoooooo we have created the Stationery 6 Packs! Choose from either the "Salty" or "Sweet" packs, or maybe both! Each pack comes with 6 assorted cards. 

  • Salty = Cards that might not be suited for bashful people, maybe jokes about aging, sex, drugs, booze, pills, adult language <fuck!> etc...
  • Sweet = You could give one to your preacher, rabi, bishop, person with no sense of humor, whatever!


**Card packs may vary from those pictured but won't miss the mark


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