A natural cut gemstone hangs from a 16""-18"" adjustable length chain and is mounted on seeded paper. It's the gist that grows! All artwork was hand drawn by jeweler, Suzi Fitz.

• 3/8"" rough cut gemstone pendant
• 16""-18"" adjustable chain
• 3"" by 3"" seeded card (you can plant it and grow flowers)
• gold vermeil chain

Healing stone qualities:
• amethyst- protection, mental balance, calming
• aquamarine- courage, truth, centering
• citrine - promotes motivation, creativity and encourages self-expression
• clear quartz- focus, meditative, healing
• emerald- enhances unconditional love, unity and friendship
• garnet- emotional balance, enlightenment, heart health
• moonstone- protection, creativity, release
• pearl- promotes purity, truth & loyalty
• peridot- reduces stress, anger & guilt
• ruby- encourages passion, motivation & confidence
• sapphire- restores balance & promotes peace of mind
• turquoise- protection, courage, peace of mind.

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