Cosmic Queer Zodiac Massage Candle

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Cosmic Queer Zodiac Massage Candle, Garden Floral Fragrance is a combination of coconut and soy wax, natural oils, and floral notes poured into a beautifully hand illustrated glass cylinder that radiates sensuality and epitomizes seductive elegance. Each Zodiac Sex Massage Candle reveals a sex position that fits it's astrological sign's unique sexy personality.

A perfect gift for the stylish gay man in your life! Celebrate love, diversity, and pride with Black Cake's Cosmic Queer Zodiac Sex Massage Candles. Black Cake's Zodiac Sex Massage Candles have the subtle aroma and soft glow that ignites you into a world of seduction and romance. Black Cake's Cosmic Queer Candles are an amazing gift for the favorite gay man or gay couple in your life.

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