Symbolic Life Tarot Deck Tarot Therapy

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From the artist and creator Marcie Mae -


Tarot Deck - Includes all 22 Major Arcana, no Minors.

Beautifully boxed with small Cotton /linen carrying bag with black drawstrings.

Includes a crystal and free downloadable IPhone app. guide book!

This is a very personal tarot deck that I find clients like to use for self! Highly connectable!

The tarot deck has beautiful monochromatic backs! Various Shades of the same color.

This exquisite tarot deck includes a Cotton case with black drawstring, and free app guide-book that you can download straight to your IPHONE!!

It is simplicity Spirit and healing that can be carried with you daily. This TSL tarot deck is the Major Arcana only.

None of the art has been modified from it’s original watercolor paintings.

Our layout is based on the Chakra system to promote guidance and healing directly from the Universe!! And is it ever a powerful communicator with this deck!

I know it will bring you as much joy as it has brought my clients and myself.

Disclaimer: Please make sure to only "Overhand" Shuffle our tarot deck as indicated in the photo above. This deck is thick high quality paper and this will eliminate cracking.

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